Will my MacDonald's franchise qualify for small business stimulus money?

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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, commonly called the Recovery Act, was emplaced by the federal government to stimulate growth in the economy in these trying times. The basics of the Recovery Act allow for companies that fall within the published criteria to apply for funding from the government to aid them in both job creation and continuing employment for those same jobs.

The nuts and bolts aside, the idea from the government here was to enable small business's to expand, to grow, even in these tough times and from these monies to stimulate growth in domestic purchasing from the said small business's and their new employee's.

The funds allocated to the small business stimulus money do have an amount of criteria attached, but the criteria involved are not, as is too commonly the case with federal government, overly complicated.

In a nutshell, if your business has hired 25 people or more in the past 12 months, or plans to in the next 12 months, you can Probably) qualify. While this is a completely simplified view of exactly all that's covered by the criteria, as long as the positions created are full time (over 30 hours) and are newly created positions with respect to the business itself then there's every likelihood that yes, your Macdonalds franchise will qualify for small business stimulus money disbursement.

To add a little background to this for you, perhaps having a closer look at the business practices of one of the worlds largest companies will bring this into perspective. Walton Stores, that we all know as WalMart, is a major case in point. Over the past two or three years it may have being noted that these stores seem to always have a large number of staff members available.

From door greeters, to receipt checkers to employee's available to speak with you - these staff members salaries are in essence being supplemented by employment stimulus funds, which has a maximum amount available of $9,000 per employee per year. That's just over $170 per week, when spread over 12 months. That's a handy little sum to detract from your salary payout per employee per week.

Looked on specifically the stimulus funds in and of themselves aren't a means to an end - your not going to make more profit simply because you've gotten some funds from the federal government. This really only works best in conjunction with more traditional methods of business building, and is meant solely as an aid. While its always nice to get "free money", it's not intended that way.

The criteria described above are intended as a guide, a thumbnail overview if you will, of what can be made possible with stimulus money. The real benefit of this is in the job creation, and awareness, of whats available when properly applied for. When coupled with other area's that small businesses can change practices and benefit from government programs, stimulus money does exactly what its intended to do, and that's to stimulate the economy.

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