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Marketing your small business is often tricky and confusing. Maybe you are so frustrated with failed attempts to get the word out about your business that you want to pass that buck to someone else. "How can I find a real marketing whiz?" you wonder. Or maybe the whizzes have approached you already promising to launch your small business into the stratosphere. Now all you've got to do is pick the right "expert," right? Wrong! Sorry to rip the Band-aid off without warning, but there are NO experts when it comes to small business marketing results!

How could there be? Each business and market are so unique. Including yours. How successful you are at marketing your small business first depends on having the courage to accept this seemingly harsh reality. But wait, it gets worse. Even when something you try works and pulls the customers in, that doesn't mean it will keep working. Not only is your business different than any other, and the market you operate in full of its own unique demands, but times change too. But that's a good thing. Why?

Because you're tough and creative. That's why you started your very own business, and if you can get as passionate about marketing and selling yourself as you are about your business itself, you are going to be way out in front of your competition, who are least as confused about marketing as you are. Why all the confusion? Conventional thinking and marketing no longer cut it in today's sometimes bizarre and always challenging marketplace. If you really want small business marketing results capable of driving your business to success it's time to get unconventional and do something other than spend a ton of money on your little Yellow Pages ad. We are way past thinking outside the box here, it's time to throw away the box (PLEASE RECYCLE).

First, start with how YOU see your business. What you call it even. Not the businesses name, but its nature. There is after all only one kind of business every fledgling entrepreneur should consider starting: a marketing company. "But I don't know anything about marketing! Why would I open a marketing firm?" Good question. The answer is that whatever product or service you offer, and no matter how passionate you are about doing so, what you REALLY own is a marketing firm, whether you know it or not.

Fortunately for you, your competitors have no idea that they own marketing firms. They think they own a restaurant or a web design service. If you can mentally makeover your business, and understand that in reality you in fact run a marketing company, you won't make the worst mistake a small businessperson can make: allowing their confusion about marketing to keep them from doing any! So how does this whole owning a marketing business work?

Let's say foe example you are the best carpet cleaner that has ever cleaned carpets in your city. Maybe you don't like to brag, but you're pretty sure no one in the STATE can touch you when it comes to a good rug scrub. Well, then why are you reading this instead of out cleaning carpets and making money? Because you didn't realize that you actually own a company that MARKETS carpet cleaning and similar services to commercial property managers and residences. And yeah, it's OK that you also actually clean carpets, once your company has booked the job...

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